Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Anticipate Recordings Summer Tour Remix Volume 1


One artist I have been listening to a lot lately is Ezekiel Honig, who has a record label named Anticipate Recordings. This label combines elements of ambient, electro-acoustics, slow motion techno, and found house. Over the last several months I have been listening to quite a bit of music from that label, and wanted to throw the most recent web release up here for all a listen.

We're pleased to bring you an exclusive digital release: Summer Tour Remix Volume 1, which, as the title suggests, is a collection of remixes of Sawako's Summer Tour field recordings. 11 tracks from label friends and associates that are all based on the original field recordings, with plenty of instrumental straying from the source…

The concept is simple. Take the sounds from Sawako's Summer Tour field recordings, and make new material with them. That's all the artists were asked to do. The result is a collection that displays the range of artists and the range of approaches. Some use only the original source sounds. Some use them sparingly in the context of a new song. Some add new instrumentation to an otherwise field recording-heavy piece. The common thread is that we love them all. A big thank you to the artists who took the time to participate and bring us such excellent work. Enjoy.

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