Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Commute, Part 1: To Work

Compiled with the pre-sunrise, groggy commuter in mind. In sequence, this podcast includes:
Ezekiel Honig "Going Sailing Refrain 1" from Scattered Practices, Microcosm Records
Ezekiel Honig "Oceans and Living Rooms" from Scattered Practices, Microcosm Records

Antiguo Automata Mexicano "Extirpe" from Kraut Slut, Static Disco

DB "December 75" from Background Records [mnlv07]

Dave Miller "Down the Line From Harvey" from Mitchells Raccolta, Background Records

Ezekiel Honig, "The Breeze of Hibernation" from It's Getting Cold Outside, Unfoundsound

Morgan Packard "Dappled" from Airships Fill the Sky, Anticipate Records

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