Friday, February 08, 2008

Reilly is here!

right click to download, left click to play

The MA crew is very excited about the arrival of Reilly, and here's a children's mix to celebrate his arrival. I have included songs that are fun, happy, and light---a challenging task, given my collection of disturbing music. All of the tunes are made by adults for adults-- but I think you'll find them all made with lots of children's soul. You'll hear some cartoon music, Cosby funk, movie soundtrack music, doggy blues, extra-terrestrial batman blues, Cuban music, music made from old cut-up 45's and PSA's, a rap from a lil tyke, electronic music, and even some trippy circus music! Best of all, I've included a short snack break in the middle of the mix. Have fun with the lil one!

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