Monday, April 07, 2008

Goofball EP

Nope, not another beatless album. A timely up as this dude is playing in Cambridge, MA on Wednesday. This EP is the first release from unfoundsound, and it's mad goofy. I like the 1st and last tracks and hope you do as well.

from unfoundsound: unfound01 is an in-house release, with two members of the (un)foundsound crew in action: three tracks by someone else, aka sean o'neal, and a remix by fusiphorm, aka cyhl. the three original pieces come in someone else's now characteristic style, which have seen him release on labels like musik krause, tuning spork, remains, microcosm and of course foundsound: minimal quirkiness, with groovy basslines and a subtle use of field recordings, always with an eye directed at the dancefloor. the title track is revisited by fusiphorm for his production debut, in a remix that deliberately adds an even housier sensibility to the original goofyness.

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