Friday, April 18, 2008

Two Zombies Later Volume 1

This post is for my beautiful wife, who loves anything with a tiki or lounge asthetic. There are some great tunes on here, and some really horrible tunes, but all of them have those textbook lounge/tiki sounds. But, perhaps one of the best parts of this release is the cover art! As the biz said, it's spring again, so dust off your tiki shwag and get partying!

From Comfort Stand Recordings: I once heard about an abandoned train station filled with records no one wanted and that image fueled a thousand waking dreams. My vinyl dreams were always daydreams. They played on their own screen and the show ran all day long. Even now, with the vinyl bug in remission, those dreams still linger and lie in wait. I never dreamt about finding records I knew about; I dreamt about records I can only imagine. And there's something about the records discussed on the exotica mailing list that allowed me to believe that almost any record I could imagine, might possibly be hiding at the bottom of a pile somewhere. Unlike at least one of my friends on the exotica list, I've never dreamt about finding a record that doesn't exist. But I have dreamt about records that, by all rights, shouldn't have existed. Records that never should have been made. Shotgun weddings and unlikely juxtapositions where styles and genres mingled and smashed up against each other in inadvisable combinations. And that reminds me of another dream I've been carrying around for a while.
Sometimes I stand in front of my record shelves, thinking about what I want to hear and I wonder what it might sound like if I could treat all the records on the shelves, like musicians in a great mess of a symphony orchestra. What it would be like if I could literally conduct my records. Point to this one and that one, mix them together, have them all playing at once. And I suppose that relates to my dream of finding the perfect cut. The one that embodies everything I love about this music. It's those last two dreams I think about when I listen to the two CD's created by the various musicians who've passed through the exotica mailing list over the years. If I were a musician myself, maybe I'd take all these various dreams and impulses I have, and try to create that perfect cut myself. Short of that though, I've got this collection of music which represents, I assume, analogous dreams on the part of my fellow exotica listers. I suppose I'll never find that perfect cut but the music here will undoubtedly keep those dreams flowing.

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WootieTizz said...

Who loves ya, Baby?
That album was great; I need an umbrella in my drink STAT.