Friday, May 02, 2008

Bongolize It! V/A Harry Klein Networks

I love bongos, and this VA release from Harry Klein Netorks, Bongolize It! I've posted a few of my favorites, but please download the album for yourself.

This is now the first release on HarryKleinNetworks where we asked the artists if they like to do a track for us with a Bongo theme. And we are really surprised how many people were interested to be with us on this compilation. This release shows a rich bandwidth of electronic music with very specific interpretations from each artist. Some are more Housy, some Techno but all really into all dance floors over the world. We are sure you will find your track. So, please, get bongolized for this summer.
Following artists appear on this release: Dana Ruh (Berlin), Daniel Rajkovic (Berlin), Dario Zenker (Munich), Dawnrock (Munich), Easy Changes (Moscow), Hubble (Berlin), Jacqui & Frank Masters (Geneva), Jorge Savoretti (Rosario), Marco Zenker (Munich), Maresh (Cluj Napoca), Margaret Dygas (Berlin), O.Vince (Montevideo), Ralph Sliwinski (Freiburg), SchoenereWelt! (Munich), Seph (Buenos Aires), Spunky Brewster (Berlin), Step (Torino), Violett (Buenos Aires), von Haugwitz (Graz). For further information´s about he artists – bio, picture, website, please click on the artist name on

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