Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Club D'Elf @ AS220 Providence


Club d’Elf is a band that plays regularly at the Lizard Lounge, in Cambridge. While they fly under the radar of most heads, they are pretty well known within circles of improvising musicians. Many well known artists have sat down to play with them over the years: John Medeski, Marc Ribot, Dave Tronzo, DJ Logic, David Fuiczynski, Mark Sandman, Danny Blume, Steven Bernstein, Kenwood Dennard, Oren Bloedow, and Mister Rourke, to name a few.

While Cambridge is their stomping grounds, they are gradually taking over the universe with their funk, heavy rhythms, and psychedelic improvisations. One of their recent conquests was a show at an art space in Providence, AS220 .

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