Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Philly Time!

From unfoundsound:
being that foundsound and unfoundsound were launched and nurtured in philadelphia, it’s only appropriate that we give you a new chapter to our “location series” – a compilation of tracks from philly artists entitled philly time! you get a whopping 13 tracks (woohoo!) illustrating the vast diversity that philly artists have to offer. the list of artists ranges from veterans to newcomers. you get deep and lush atmospheric bliss fromscuba (a.k.a. king britt), tweaked-out tech-house insanity from nigel richards, danceable field recording brilliance from unfoundsound’s ownfidget and tleilaxu, harsh and abrasive tech-core from duran duran duran, grime-ish dirty dub from starkey, fun-filled idm-ish tech-house from kilowatts, plus everlasting goodness from pink skull, accidentallyand city rain. you also get some dope remixes! two tracks frommiskate’s zuni ep (foundsound-03) are fiercely reworked by diss0nanceand robmall. plus, jamie morris transforms “goofball” (unfound-01) bysomeone else into a minimal loop-techno gem. yes, indeed. philly will always be home.

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