Saturday, August 23, 2008

Zony Mash

A lover of the Hammond b-3, Wurlitzer, I was instantly hooked when I first heard the middle of 'Meet the Zony Mash'. I was already a Wayne Horvitz fan from his playing in Naked City, and hearing him play this completely different (and often funky) music was a thrill. Just like all of his other projects, Zony Mash was a super versatile band, and could cover lots of ground--all of it with a ton of soul and edge. You can find that in any projects that Wayne Horvitz has lead.

A few burners up front, with some softer tunes at back, with an acoustic tune to end.


Mr. B said...

Mr. B said...

worth noting about the '9to4' song: this is from an album that was originally called "American Bandstand". After being sued by Dick Clark, Zony Mash was forced to change the name of the album, which is now called "Forever"