Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dubby Vermont

There are many fine things in the great state of Vermont; maple syrup, Shawn White, Jay Peak, the Burton factory, Phish, and cows, to name a few. There are also lots and lots of reggae fans. Big reggae fans-- ones that would establish an annual international reggae festival. It's practically the official state music. During a recent trip up for some snowboarding, I was reminded of just how much reggae you can hear coming out of cars, bars, gondolas, and ski shops, and houses. Here's a collection of some good ol' reggae---just like what comes out of the green mountain state, heavy on the early dub, with a few Trojan classics, and a few modern dubs.

  • Lee Perry - Bathroom Skank
  • Boy Friday - Virgin Girl
  • Augustus Pablo - Kid Ralph
  • Twilight Circus Dub Sound System - Achou
  • King Tubby and Friends - Chapter of Money
  • Tapper Zukie - Man A Warrior
  • Susan Cadogan - Fever
  • Once11 - Bottled Paycheck
  • U Roy - Your Ace from Outer Space
  • Mafia Allstars and King Tubby - Don't Think about Me (I'm alright)
  • Scientist - One Man Dub
  • Ladyman - Sexy Beast
  • Lee Perry - One Armed Boxer

In Vermont you can do what you want!

pre visit, clear air

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