Monday, May 25, 2009

It's Spring Again!

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The winter chill is gone for good, with (it better be) our last frost behind us. This springtime mix is just like a New England spring----lots of variability. With that in mind, here are some songs that have about as much in common as snow and baseball.

  • John Zorn - Opening Credits/Hawaiian Postcard
  • Tom Waits - Frank's Wild Years
  • Pamelia Kurstin - Copingheaven
  • Frivolous - The Long Way
  • Tito Puente - Tito on Timbale
  • Miskate - Hear the Ahhh
  • So Inagawa - Batai
  • Los Mirios - La Danza de Los Mirios
  • Secret Chiefs 3 - Sheburiel
  • Nettle - Duende (version 2)
  • Sabu Martinez and Sahib Shihab - Nus
  • Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou - Se We Non Nan
  • Santos Resiak - Timba
  • HAR-YOU Percussion Group - Barrett's Bag


trufunksoulja said...

hello, i just started a music blog of my own, about funk and funk-influenced music. I really like your blog, so i hope you don't mind I am adding a link to it. I just started, so there's not a lot yet, but feel free to check it out at


Mr. B said...

nice! I'm for all things funky, including your blog. I'll keep an eye on it :)

Thanks for your kind words, glad you enjoy the blog!