Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Music for the desert

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Continuing on the loose theme of podcasts for specific times or locations, here is music for the desert. This one is best cued up upon departure from the last town in civilization. While its duration probably wont last through the entire desert trip, the structure of the mix is designed to emulate three segments of a trip into the desert; departure from civilization, penetration into and through the desert, and (hopefully) exodus from the desert.

This mix is for Wootie and Birdie, and our trip out to Black Rock Desert for Burningman. Just like the scenes in our drive from Reno to the playa, this mix will start off with a touch of western, heading into an uneasy period (caused by dehydration and that nasty left turn around the mountain, no doubt), followed by some straight out craziness. The last part we'll get on the way back, as it returns to more serene, civilized sounds----exodus deserves such.

  • Unfields02 - Field Recordings
  • Tin Hat Trio - Bill
  • Bill Frisell - Wildwood flower
  • Ikue Mori with Robert Quine and Mark Ribot - Cheyenne
  • Badawi - Arrival Shackleton - The Rope Tightens (Badawi remix)
  • Nettle - Duende
  • Fred Frith And Marc Ribot - Second Nature
  • John Zorn - Koryojang (end credits)
  • John Zorn - Once Apon a Time In the West (Morricone)
  • David Shea - Prisoner (part #1)
  • Sub Dub - 19.5
  • DJ Spooky - Giancinto Scelsi "Suite number 11" / Bill Laswell with Trilok Gurtu "Nothing"
  • Marina Rosenfeld vs. Badawi- Badawileaf
  • Unfields03 - Allumette
  • Ikue Mori with Robert Quine and Mark Ribot - Medicine Man
  • Klimek - for Michael Gira & Vladimir Ivanovich
  • Wayne Horvitz & Zony Mash - 9 to 4
  • Tim Hecker - Blue Ember Breeze

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