Monday, September 14, 2009

the quelformat? Fall Mix Partie Deux

Art: John Lurie: The Skeleton in my Closet Has Moved out to the Garden
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Just realized the last mix of avantgard-y of songs I threw together (not under the guise of a "spring mix"), named the Quelformat? mix, happened in the fall. So, with the leaves already changing here in the northeast, I figured I'd make this mix a partie deux.

The beginning starts with a beautiful accordion solo rendition of a Phillip Glass piece, followed by a dive (through a bit more accordion) into some Alvin Curran (representing Providence!), followed by some percussion, improvised structures..oh just see below. And as always, an eternal indebtedness to John Lurie, not only for the use of his artwork, but also for all of the great music he created over the years.

  • What Capitalism Was - Facades
  • The Beat Circus - Hypnogogia
  • The Beat Circus - The Good Witch
  • Alvin Curran - Music is not Music
  • Ben Frost - Leo Needs a New Pair of Shoes
  • Billy Martin - Killing the Drought
  • Ches Smith - The Contra Alto Clarinet in E Flat
  • Fred Frith - Screen
  • Fred Frith - Bricks for Six
  • Vincent Courtois, Sylvie Courvoisier & Ellery Eskelin - Extended
  • DJ Spooky - Claude DeBussy (excerpt from Rhythm Science)
  • Morgan Packard - A Place Worth Keeping Part 2
  • DJ Spooky - Disjecta (excerpt from Rhythm Science)
  • Hal Willner - We Travel the Subways
  • David Shea - Canto I-Xx
  • Raz Mesinai - The Blind Owl
  • The Susie Ibarra Trio - Trance No. 1
  • Kim Gordon/DJ Olive/Ikue Mori (SYR 5) - Olive's Horn
  • Marc Ribot - The End

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