Monday, February 15, 2010


Recently Google/Blogger took down a number of music blogs, claiming that the owners of the blogs have violated copyright law. One of the blogs, Masalacism, writes a bit about what happened from their perspective, and also shares the letter they received from Blogger.

After word of "musicblogocide 2k10" spread over the internet like wildfire, in part through this techdirt article, and this Guardian article, Blogger released this official statement on their blog.

What's most interesting is that even in cases where blog owners had legal permission to post certain music on their site, their blogs were still shut down by Blogger. This should not lead you to believe that they were focused on blogs that posted "pop music", or music that is on any of the top 5 major labels----the case of the Malasacism blog shows just how arbitrary Blogger's moves were. From the Guardian:

"We haven't been posting any Whitney Houston or anything," Decouflet explained. He only recalls receiving one DMCA notice – ever – from Blogger. As this email did not name the offending song, he says he doesn't know what caused the complaint. Masala's bloggers responded to Google's email, Decouflet insists, but never heard back. That is, until their entire site – and more than four years of archives – were deleted this week.

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