Tuesday, May 18, 2010

blog direction

For a long time I've allowed my fascination with funky oddball techno music to infiltrate this blog (weirdly) named Misterboots, which I suspect confused stoppers-by or regular listeners. I started the blog with only one intention, which was to provide homemade mixes of music, showcasing strange-but-beautiful combinations of musics from every nook and cranny.

In the first year of this blog, I had been playing around (and still am) with mixing of said electronic music---the problem being, I've never thought that this sort of music format fit very well within the framework of my blog, yet put it up anyway. Post-happy, I guess.

From now on, this blog will no longer feature any of my techno mixes, not only because they don't adhere to the format described above, but also because they sort of stick out like a swollen thumb compared to all of the other mixes or posts.

Due to my breach of proposed blog structure, I know I've got some readers who visit for the quirky techno, but not so much for the other stuff. For this camp, I direct you to my new weekly radio show on BSR named The Fieldhouse, streaming live on the internet (and on the FM dial in the Providence area). This show starts this Saturday, May 22nd, at 11pm-midnight, EST. The archives to the show will be listed on this same show page, in case it's past your bed time, or you live in Europe, Asia, Africa, etc.

For everyone else, please stay tuned for some great mixes coming up over the next several months!

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