Saturday, November 22, 2008

the quelformat? Fall mix

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Not much of a theme to this mix, just a sampling of mostly great songs I have noted over the last several months. I suppose a tip of the hat to WFMU. Watch out now! It has some teeth, but also lots of beautiful moments. Let me know if you like!

~Down the Line from Harvey - Dave Miller
~Latino Interactive - Ikue Mori
~Me Susurra Un Secreto - Trevor Dunn
~Shore Leave - Tom Waits
~Foot in Hole - Skeleton Crew
~ track #7? - DJ/rupture + Andy Moor
~Density 21.5 - Riccardo Chailly - Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Plays Varese
~For Ezekiel Honig and Young (pan) Americans - Klimek
~Frontside Boardside shovit out - Agata
~Dead Season - Tin Hat
~Poison Ivy - Mephista
~Geek Love - Ikue Mori
~Black Thursday - Tin Hat
~Along the Line - DJ Olive Vs. JP Dessy
~Dance for Burgess - Riccardo Chailly - Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Plays Varese
~Locus Solus - David Shea
~Process Part 093 (Spiritual Airport) - Kate Simko

painting by John Lurie "Some Animals Noah Only Had One Of, The Ones That Came By Two Put On A Musical, Which Like Most Musicals Was Bad". Special thanks to John Lurie.


mersenne_twister said...

hey this is very good, the first bits & tom waits suit really well.. this sounds like our shows, happy to find someone with the same eclectic/challenging aesthetic. cheers.


Mr. B said...

I love your shows! Thanks for the kind words-- and keep up the great work.