Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Beat Circus on WERS

A bit late notice, buttomorrow one of my favorite bands in the world, Beat Circus, are going to play a live set on Emerson College radio, WERS. Sad to say, I found myself never tuning in once the station went to their new programming a few years ago, but I am happy to say I'll be tuning in at 1pm tomorrow (4/1/09) for a live set from Beat Circus!

So, please, have a listen at 1pm on Wednesday, 4/1/09! On the FM dial, it's frequency 88.9. To stream go here and look in the top left for your favorite method. And if you like, go see them at TT the Bear's on the 29th of April.

From www.beatcircus.net
Beat Circus was formed in 2002 in Boston, Massachusetts by singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Brian Carpenter, who has been its only constant member since its inception. In 2005 Carpenter began a radical shift in direction resulting in the recording of Dreamland, the first part of Carpenter's Weird American Gothic trilogy, with legendary NY producer Martin Bisi. Filled with dark narrative songs and loosely based on historical events associated with turn-of-the-century New York, Dreamland was the culmination of a two-year effort by Beat Circus. In Summer 2007 Brian Carpenter debuted the third incarnation of Beat Circus with a new concept and sound to develop the second part of the trilogy, Boy From Black Mountain, personal songs about family and fatherhood in the tradition of Southern Gospel songwriters and Southern Gothic literature.


play piano guide said...

I really believe that they will have a good concert. Good luck to them and more power.

Mr. B said...

the show was back in April...I'll be posting something from them soon, hopefully.