Friday, March 27, 2009


Last Saturday’s Nettle show at Brandeis was a night that will be difficult to forget. After a listening to an interesting pre-concert talk, we had an opportunity take a look at the art in the Rose Museum. Impressive! There was a Hans Hofmann installation, as well as an installation of paintings named "Masters of Reality"---so good.

For the show, we were fortunate enough to be sitting right in the middle, in the front row-- which put us on the same level as the musicians, basically 10 or 15 feet away. The concert was held in a recital hall with approximately a 250 seat capacity, and great acoustics. The musicians played together beautifully, merging a vast combination of sounds, textures, and feelings. Besides supplying beats and other electronic effects, DJ/ Rupture also provided some real-time manipulation of some of his colleagues’ sounds, which was an exciting element. There were also some amazing moments of video complimenting audio, adjustments and directions given in real time to compliment the music. You can read a longer review here.

The Performers:
DJ/ Rupture – electronics
Abdelhak Rahal – Violin and Banjo
Khalid Bennaji – guembri, vocals
Brent Arnold – Cello
Grey Filastine - Percussion
Daniel Perlin - Video

The concert was captured on video by a guy to the right of us, and hopefully that will become available for the public to watch at some point. Thanks to the folks that went through the many efforts to make this amazing concert happen. It was definitely one of a kind!

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