Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Unfoundsound: An Unmix

Somewhat vaguely similar to my appreciation of art welded from junk, I am fascinated by the capture, tweaking, and collaging of raw sounds in order to make music. Beauty can come from lots of things- even discarded metal, or random noise waves propogating through the air.

That's why I've got lots of love for Unfoundsound! A netlabel out of Philly, they release quirky, dj friendly dance music that is made with (among other things) found sounds and field recordings from natural or unnatural environments. Besides releasing great music under creative commons licensing, they also have a series of field recordings which make for great fun in making your own music.

From their site:

through monthly releases, unfoundsound offers worldwide exposure to promising new artists as well as established artists from around the globe. in addition, unfoundsound provides a series of free downloadable field recordings (the unfields) available to everyone for creative sampling, musical composition and whatever your fuzzy, little heart desires. enjoy!

Damn Skippy! Thanks to Unfoundsound for their really solid, interesting releases. I hope everyone enjoys this little collection of songs which I put together rather roughly. Also check out their sister label Foundsound for more great music.

* Ditch - Yack
* David Last - Halitosis Rockers
* Kriss - Undersun
* Mike Uzzi and Ben Recht - Slack Talk Space Dub
* So Inagawa - Kada
* Ben Parris - Desktop Willage
* Theilaxu - Highlite (Marc Ashken remix)
* Roberto Clementi - Real Fun
*Ben Parris - Breakfast with Thorialanus (Seth Troxler rmx)
*Alex Medina - Too Much Botox
*Roberto Clementi - Exigent

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