Sunday, August 29, 2010

early morning mix for the G-spot camp @ Burning Man

This is a mix I created for my friends at the G-spot camp, at Burning Man. It starts off very quiet, designed for the pre-dawn hour, for people who aren't really awake (or who aren't quite asleep). Moving through the mix, tracks were selected with the intention of escorting people from sleep, through the waking moments, to the savory scents of bacon.

What was a solid idea on paper turned out to have a fatal flaw----I completely forgot that generators are needed to power our sound system. As you'll hear, this mix does not go with gas generators. So, after a year, I've put this up here for other sleepy heads around the world, who can play music without a generator. This may lend itself nicely to other situations such as reading, nursing, working, yoga'ing, and so on.

Huge thanks and much respect to DJ Olive for his excitement and support in this effort (the first 20 min or so are parts from DJ Olive's 'sleeping pill' works), and for the amazing music he makes for the world. And, to my friends at the G-Spot. I'll be thinking of you this week.

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