Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer Mix

I felt a little rusty working on this mix. First one on this blog in a year! Hopefully there's some stuff that interests you.

The mix I posted in Sept 09 qualified as a "fall" mix.... so it looks like we've just snuck in a summer mix.

John Lurie - The Invention of Animals

Ben Frost - Theory of Machines
Fred Frith - Nowhere to Run
Zeena Parkins - Inyoufrom
Mapstation - Ensemble of Four
Marc Ribot - New Sad
John Lurie - Men with Sticks (noble version)
Mapstation - After all this Freedom
Billy Martin - Stridulations - Monkey
Lucky Dragons - Don't Lie (bonus)
Strategy - Summer Tour Bird Windows
ROVA & The Nels Cline Singers - Cesar Chavez
Morton Feldman - Projection 5
Taylor Dupree - Rusted Oak
Lucky Dragons - Face Down (bonus)

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